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Abdominal bandage

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◆ Product Details

This product is composed of cotton cloth, gauze, high-quality fabric (elastic and inelastic), elastic band (bandage and adhesive band) and adhesive material.

This product is for single use, with shelf life of 3 years.

◆ Product Performance

Used for pressure bandaging to eliminate lacuna, temporarily stop bleeding (non-arterial hemostasis), protect surgical incision and prevent hernia and other auxiliary therapeutic effects.

◆ Product Usage

Umbilical care for newborn infants

◆ Instructions for use

Apply the cotton and yarn on the abdominal belt facing the quasi-abdomen or other required positions, and then put the protective tape along the waist circumference for one week, and firmly paste it according to the waist circumference; operated by professional medical staff when necessary.

◆ Precautions

1. The package is damaged and beyond the validity period.

2. Store at room temperature in a clean and dry place to protect from heat, moisture and sun.

3. This product shall be stored in an indoor environment with relative humidity of not more than 80%, no corrosive gas, cool and dry, well-ventilated, clean and away from chlorinated disinfection articles. In the transportation process to guard against direct sunlight, rain and snow, and avoid high temperature.

◆ Product Specifications


Item number Size(cm)
Abdominal bandage





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