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Swimming paste

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◆ Product Details

With non-woven fabric, elastic fabric, PE film (polyethylene film), PU film (polyurethane film) as the base material, apply medical pressure-sensitive adhesive, place a water absorbent pad in the middle, and make it conform to release material.

◆ Product Performance

1. Waterproof, breathable, bacteria-proof, moderate viscosity, low sensitization, easy to use,

2. Can be a good prevention of umbilical water inflammation.

◆ Product Usage

Attach to your navel while swimming to prevent inflammation.

◆ Instructions for use

Wash and dry the skin for disinfection, stick it on the required site according to the requirements, and gently press it by hand to make it firmly adhered.

Storage condition and method:

Store in a dry, well-ventilated room at room temperature.

◆ Precautions

1. Discomfort Cooperating with large area wounds.

2. Not indicated for use in infected wounds.

3. Do not substitute for suture, hemostatic skin disinfection and other measures.

4. It should be applied naturally to the skin and should not be pulled to avoid tension and damage to the skin.

5. Do not use if package is damaged.

◆ Product Specifications


Item number Size(cm)
B0405S 4×5cm
B0607S 6×7cm
B0607SU 6×7cm
B0607R 6×7cm
B0607M 6×7cm
B0607MU 6×7cm
B1012S 10×12cm
B1012M 10×12cm
B1025S 10×25cm


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