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Brain Surgery

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◆ Product Details

Medical surgical film is the newest generation of surgical film, which is made of imported pressure-sensitive adhesive. This product is light, thin, soft, skin-loving and has the characteristics of high elasticity, high permeability, waterproof, moderate adhesiveness and no shedding during operation, so as to prevent the disinfection site from being infected to the maximum extent, and there is no residual adhesive during postoperative dissection, saving the time required for cleaning.

◆ Product Performance

1. Transparent: the film is ultrathin and highly transparent, allowing clear observation of the surgical site.

2. Air permeability: It does not affect the normal respiration of skin, prevents the accumulation of water vapor under the membrane, reduces infection, and provides a sterile environment around the surgical incision.

3. Waterproof and bacteria-proof: can prevent water, bacteria and dirt from invading the wound, and can effectively inhibit bacteria migration during surgery.

4. High elasticity: It can be applied in accordance with the contour curve of human body and is fixed and reliable. Low sensitization, moderate viscosity, no skin irritation, easy to remove.

◆ Product Usage

Preoperative and intraoperative protection of the surgical site to prevent cross-infection.

◆ Instructions for use

1. Disinfect the surgical site.

2. After the skin is completely dry, unfold the film and stretch it to both sides. Remove the base paper and gently pull down the film and place it above the surgical site.

3. Smooth the film from the middle outwards so that it is in complete contact with the skin. There must be no air bubbles left.

4. Can be performed directly on the surgical film.

5. After the operation, the suture can be performed by lifting it slightly on both sides of the membrane.

◆ Instructions

◆ Product Specifications


Item number Size(cm)
G1420EY(EYE) 14×20cm
G2030E 20×30cm
G3040E 30×40cm
G3045E-1 30×45cm
G3045E-2 30×45cm
G3045EN(Brain) 30×45cm
G4545E 45×45cm
G4545E-1 45×45cm
G4545E-2 45×45cm
G4545E-3 45×45cm
G4545EF(Gynecology) 45×45cm
G4545EN(Brain) 45×45cm


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