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Medical ultrasonic coupling patch


◆ Product details

Specification model: HFCS-A, HFCS-B, HFCS-C

◆ Application scope and clinical reference

This product is used in ultrasonic testing, diagnosis and treatment operations to fill between the skin or mucous membrane and the radiation surface of the probe (or treatment head). It is used as a coupling medium for transmitted sound waves and does not have the function of disinfection. This product can be used in a combination of ultrasonic penetrants use.

Cooperating with the ultrasonic translucency instrument, it is suitable for the cases of the lesions that need to be treated locally. The clinicians can play a therapeutic role in the targeted delivery of the therapeutic drugs to the lesions according to the needs. Change the traditional drug delivery route and increase the drug delivery in the lesions. The drug concentration avoids the traditional way of drug administration to reach the lesion site through the blood concentration, reduces the damage of human organs and other normal tissues and systemic side effects, and reduces the pain and other uncomfortable feelings of patients.

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