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Introduction of medical gauze bandage wrapping method

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2018/12/28 09:16
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A medical gauze bandage is a common medical product. Medical gauze bandages are usually made of cotton and gauze using a special process. They are suitable for various parts of the body such as the head, the belly and the limbs and the tail and the tail. At the same time, the medical gauze stretch can also have a variety of dressing shapes and dressing methods depending on the location and the painful part. The common methods of dressing are as follows:

Earlier is the ring-wrapping method: this is the most basic and most commonly used in the medical gauze bandage dressing method. Generally, the dressing after small wound cleaning is used. It is also suitable for the neck, head, legs and chest and abdomen. The method is as follows: the first circle is slightly inclined, and the second ring and the third ring are ring-shaped, and the corner of the first ring is pressed into the annular ring, so that the fixing is more secure. Fix the tail with a paste, or cut the tail to a knot.

Followed by the serpentine bandaging method: more used in the fixation of the splint. The method is as follows: firstly, the bandage ring method is wound several times, and then wrapped around the width of the bandage at an interval.

Spiral dressing: This method of medical gauze bandage is often used in places where the thickness is similar, such as the arm. The method of dressing is to first use a ring-shaped dressing method for dressing, and then dressing one third or two-thirds in advance according to each turn, thereby forming a spiral shape.

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